Thursday, February 21, 2013

So, the McDonald’s “African-American Tax” Hoax is Back

McDonaldsSome of you may have already seen it (depending on how gullible your Facebook friends are), but judging from the recent warning from Sophos, it appears as if the McDonald’s “Black Tax” hoax is back.

If you see the image below, don’t fret: McDonald’s isn’t charging African-American customers an extra $1.50 per transaction “as an insurance measure due to a recent string of robberies.”

It’s not true, it’s just a 4chan prank gone wrong.

McDonald's Black Tax Hoax Image

As an insurance measure due in part to a recent string of robberies, African-American customers are now required to pay an additional fee of $1.50 per transaction.

Thank you for your cooperation,
McDonald’s Corporation
(800) 225-5532

History of McDonald’s “Black Tax” Hoax

According to Gawker, the hoax image originated from 4chan ~2007, was posted on in June of 2010 and somehow went viral in June of 2011.

Of course this created a field day for McDonald’s PR team as Twitter users retweeted the picture & shared their thoughts in 140 characters or less. McDonald’s took to its social media accounts to reassure everyone it was a fake image, but some people just weren’t buying it.

Still, the phone number listed on the phony flyer should be a hint – it’s actually the customer satisfaction line for KFC!

If you see anyone sharing this image, be sure to clue them in on what’s going on, and try not to spread the hoax any further.

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