Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Apple Issues Java Patch & Malware Removal Tool Following Malware Attack

Apple Java UpdateGo ahead and take a moment to check for software updates on your Mac if you haven’t done so already.

Apple did as promised yesterday and released a Java security update & malware removal tool after finding that their own company computers fell victim to a Java-based drive-by-download attack.

According to the security advisory, the update addresses a slew of Java vulnerabilities in Java 1.6.0_37, “the most serious of which may allow an untrusted Java applet to execute arbitrary code outside the Java sandbox.” Users applying the patch will be updated to Java version 1.6.0_41.

Also included in the update is a malware removal tool that Apple says will remove the most common variants of malware: “If malware is found, it presents a dialog notifying the user that malware was removed. There is no indication to the user if malware is not found. This update is available for systems that installed Java 6.”

As previously stated, the update can be applied by selecting 'Software Update' on your Mac's menu bar or fetched from Apple Downloads and applied manually:

Have you updated your Mac yet?

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