Saturday, March 10, 2012

Don’t Download ZIP Attached to ‘Photo from your Ex’ Spam

"Photo from your ex" emailDid you get an email allegedly containing a photo from your ex? Don’t let curiosity get the best of you (or your PC) and download any files attached.

Spammers are determined to trick users into believing that some random person is forwarding them an unflattering picture shared by an ex in hopes of them downloading malicious files containing malware.

Since yesterday morning, we’ve received 3 emails tied to this spam campaign:

Email #1:
 From: ToniFanucchi (BrigitVittekamsew[at]
Subject: Your ex sent me this pciture of you.

Your ex sent me this (in attachment). She might be a b*tch all right, but I laughed hysterically. You should kill her now probably :).

Email #2:
From: SavannaLandon (PagetPellegrinny[at]
Subject: “Your photo from your ex”
I got this photo from your ex. You look really bad naked. See attach.

Email #3:
From: AleaseCanupp (LizaManselhw[at]
Subject: “You should kill your ex after this photo”
I have this picture of you from your ex. I know this is cruel but I laugh like mad when I saw it.

All three emails had an archive named “” attached, which contains the Gamarue.B worm that we’ve seen in similar spam messages.

As we’ve previously warned, once Gamarue.B makes its way onto your PC, it will modify registry keys to ensure it runs on Windows start up, connect to a remote server to download additional malware and copy itself to removable drives to spread its infection even further.

If you receive any emails claiming to contain a photo from your ex, it’s strongly recommended that you do NOT download any files attached to it and delete the email immediately.

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