Friday, March 9, 2012

AntiSec Keeps Busy, Defaces New York Ironworks Website

New York IronworksThe AntiSec Crew has struck again.

This time they defaced the website of New York Ironworks, a police equipment retailer that’s based in New York.

The attack comes only a day after AntiSec defaced multiple websites belonging to Spanish antivirus software company, Panda Security. In that attack, dozens of websites owned by Panda Security were hacked due to the company's alleged cooperation with authorities that lead to the arrest of numerous Anonymous hackers - along with blog posts praising the apprehension of high-ranking LulzSec members.

Just like the attack on Panda Security, the New York Ironworks site content was replaced with a YouTube video (“Fight Club Ending HD Version”), a message that both honored hackers that got busted and taunted law enforcement, and a laundry list of email addresses and login credentials that were lifted from the Ironworks’ database.

New York Ironworks Website Defaced

As of right now (3/9/12 at 9:30AM PST), the New York Ironworks website appears to be offline.

We’ll keep an eye out and update this post if anything changes.

Update 3/19/12: The New York Ironworks website is still down.

Update 4/4/12: A maintenance page has been thrown up: "New York Ironworks is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. The site should be available shortly. Thank you for your patience."

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