Thursday, May 23, 2013

Microsoft Issues Worldwide Virus Alert

The talk and the footprint of computer viruses in the online world had reduced significantly in the last year. Hackers and online miscreants had moved on to other methods of attacking computers as viruses were considered to be too weak. But Microsoft recently announced that the trend is all set to change in the coming days. A security expert from the IT giant said that hackers were reverting back to the usage of viruses and coming up with innovative attack vectors. He said that this year, the world will witness a significant increase in the usage of viruses for attacking computers (both personal and corporate).

Low Broadband Penetration Rate


Tim Rains, the security expert who announced the news, said that Microsoft was monitoring the virus trends on the World Wide Web and noticed a spike in the volume of viruses for the first time. He said that low broadband penetration rate has increased the chances of a computer getting infected with any of the malicious software, including Trojans and worms. He said that this trend is being exploited by hackers and they are using viruses more actively to infect broadband connected computers (which is almost every internet enabled computer today). Microsoft also added that they had traced the infections to as far as Egypt, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Viruses Are Easy to Eliminate

Rains said that even today, viruses are very easy to be removed as their signatures can be easily detected and tracked. He said that users are expected to keep their anti-virus systems updated which will significantly reduce the chances of being attacked by a virus.

[via NBC News ]

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