Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spam Drags Olympic Gold Medalist Gabrielle Douglas’ Name in Dirt in Attempt to Spread Malware

Olympic Gold Medalist Gabrielle DouglasDon’t let your heart sink when an email drops in your inbox claiming that there’s a huge scandal surrounding Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabrielle Douglas – it’s all just a ploy to infect your PC with malware.

Barracuda Labs recently intercepted the following spam message, which demonstrates that cybercriminals never miss a beat and are currently trying to capitalize on the buzz surrounding the gymnast’s gold medal performance last week:
Subject: Huge scandal with the USA Women’s Gymnastics Team on the 2012 London Olympics

Recent Olympic gold medal winner, USA Women’s Gymnastics winner Gabrielle Douglas, faces a lifetime ban after reportedly testing positive to banned diuretic furosemide. With details of the case still emerging, British Olympics Committee has ordered a suspension of the athlete until final results arrive.

View the video on youtube now

Upon following the link, users will not be directed to, but a compromised third-party website dressed up to look like the popular video-sharing website.

Olympic Spam Links to Fake YouTube Site
Screenshot Credit: Barracuda Labs

In order to watch the [non-existent] video, users will be prompted to download a fake Flash Player update (adobe-flashplayer-update.exe), which is actually malware in hiding. Barracuda Labs identified the malware associated with this spam attack as a member of the Trojan.Clicker family.

This attack is only one of many ways cybercriminals have been looking to cash in on the Olympic games. In addition to pumping out malware-laced spam emails, cybercrooks have also taken to registering garbage Olympic domain names in order to generate revenue via advertisements and TV-to-PC scams.

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