Friday, June 15, 2012

Ignore Requests to "Verify Your Facebook Account" - It's a Scam

Shiny Facebook IconDon’t fall for the scam that’s currently circulating on Facebook claiming that you need to “verify your account” or risk having it terminated.

It’s merely a ploy to trick you into installing a rogue Facebook application that will likely be used to collect personal information and help the scam spread by posting messages to your friends on your behalf.

You may first encounter the scam by receiving an app request/notification or coming across a post on Facebook that directs you to a page touting a message similar to this one:

Facebook Verification App Scam Page

Warning: Announcement from FACEB00K Verification Team. All Profiles must be verified before [date] To Avoid Scams and Scams Under SOPA ACT. The Unverified Accounts Will Be Terminated. Verify Your Accounts By Below Steps.


Click here to verify

Final Step Click Below:

Complete Verification

Should you decide to follow through with the request, you will be prompted to grant a third-party application access to your Facebook profile.

Of course, tt would be in your best interest to report the app and hit ‘Cancel’ instead.

Did You Already Fall for the “Verify Your Account” Facebook Scam?

If you caught this warning post-app-approval, then I suggest you do the following:

  • Delete any posts related to this application from your profile and News feed.

  • Remove the app by:

    • Clicking the arrow on the top right of your Facebook account

    • Click ‘Account Settings’

    • Selecting ‘Apps’ from the navigation on the left.

    • Click the ‘x’ next to the offending application.

    • Press ‘Remove’

Be sure to give your friends a head’s up on this scam.

[via ESET]

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