Thursday, December 8, 2011

Relax, Justin Bieber Wasn't Stabbed by a CRAZED Fan

Justin BieberFor those of you that suffer from Bieber fever, look out! The scammers are coming for you.

Internet crooks that prefer to make an extra buck by tricking people into completing online surveys in hopes of unlocking hot gossip have launched a spam campaign on Facebook claiming that Justin Bieber was stabbed by a fan-gone-mad in L.A.

This is the message that’s luring folks in:
Justin Bieber STABBED by CRAZED Fan Outside L.A. NightClub!
OMG! NOOOO! Could YOU Even Imagine!

The cybercriminal behind the scam was smart enough to use multiple domains, which include, and, among others.  (As a side note, I can’t help but to find it amusing that they’re all “” subdomains given the fact that Google recently delisted ALL subdomains from their search results since bad guys love using them to promote spam and phishing scams similar to this one.)

If you find yourself unable to resist the urge to follow the link, you will be presented with a page that appears to have an embedded YouTube video. However, that pesky ‘Share’ button is present once again, demanding that you help keep the spam alive by posting it to your Facebook wall.

Justin Bieber Stabbed Video

Unfortunately should you decide to do as you're told, you'll be redirected to a page that's hoping to take that inch and turn it into a mile by requesting that you complete one of their surveys to "verify your account."

Survey Scam!

Imagine the disappointment (and shame) you’d feel if you were actually gullible enough to complete one of the surveys only to find out that there was no video, Justin Bieber was never stabbed and you totally just fell for a survey scam.

Take it as a lesson learned and remove the post from your Wall to keep your Facebook friends from making the same mistake.

This isn’t the first time cybercriminals have conjured up some story in order to generate traffic and dupe people into taking online surveys.  Previous scams have attracted people in droves by claiming Lady Gaga was found dead in a hotel room, you’ll lose respect for Rihanna after watching some video and a story similar to this one saying Jeremy Kyle was attacked.

Proceed with caution when following links and be skeptical of stories (or offers) that request that you share them with everyone first. That’s a pretty big sign that you’re about to walk right into a scam.

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